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Wanted: If anyone in the UK is hoarding or has an old Epson 24 pin dot matrix printer (parallel port) in their garage, loft, in a cupboard forgotten about and wants to sell me it can you ping me?

It's for a project I am writing code for.

There is nothing locally that's available in my neck of the woods that I can find.

Share away - more eyes on this the better

I genuinely think Elon was intoxicated during that fiasco.

I’m a recovering alcoholic. Been sober 10+ years. I can spot someone who’s been drinking, pretty accurately. I’m not 100% accurate, but probably 90% or so.

And, to me, it absolutely looked like (sounded like, to be more accurate) Elon had been either drinking or popped a downer prior to his appearance.

This is the guy who in 2017 tweeted β€œA little red wine, vintage record, some Ambien... and magic!"